The Buying Process

Ready to purchase your own property? Curious about the process? Not sure where to begin? We’ve got your back.

Ready to buy a home?

Real estate is usually the single largest financial decision most of us make. MAX can help you make sure you not only find the house, land, or commercial building you’re looking for… but we’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that only come with decades of experience and an amazing full-service team backing you up.

The Buying Process

While every transaction is somewhat unique, the steps below can provide a broad outline for the process of finding and purchasing property.

1. Find your people

Before you begin your search you need to find the professionals you’d like to work with. You’ll need to find a real estate agent and a lender if you’ll be needing to finance your purchase.

2. Get Pre-Qualified

Before you begin your search, you’ll need to know what price range to stay within. Getting pre-qualified by your lender will help you determine what you can afford.

3. Tour Properties

This is the fun part, the search! Your real estate agent will help you find home that fit both your needs and your financing terms. Certain loans will require different criteria for property to qualify.

4. Submit an offer

When you find a home you love, it’s time to submit an offer! Your agent will help you determine the most competitive offer to submit.

5. Negotiations

While sometimes your first offer may be accepted, it’s more likely that you and your agent will need to negotiate the terms of the purchase contract to get to an accepted offer.

6. Inspections & Appraisals

It’s highly recommended that you obtain a home inspection to protect yourself from potential issues with the home. An appraisal may be required if you are financing your property to ensure it will qualify for your loan.

7. Settlement Statement

Once everything is good to go, you will receive a settlement statement laying out the financial details of your transaction and the exact amount of money you will need for your down payment and any additional closing costs.

8. Final walkthrough

Before closing on your property you will receive one last time to tour your property and ensure that everything is as it should be before closing the transaction.

9. Closing day!

The final step is closing day! Once all the details have been ironed out, you’ll meet with the sellers to finalize the transaction and receive possession of your property!

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